An Interview with Author Kshama Rao

Books: The Angel, Forever, Homemade Facials, Masks & Beauty Tips, Sunshine: An Engrossing Novel of Hope, Family & Love, Parenting The growing child, Homemade Facials, Masks & Beauty Tips, Kitchen Clinic: Home Remedies For Health, Full Body Detox & Natural Cleanse, Baby Care & Child Care, DIY Cosmetics And Cleaners.

About The Author: Kshama Rao was born and brought up in Africa. She has graduated from Bangalore University (M.Sc in Human Development) currently she is residing in Navi, Mumbai with her family.

She is working as a Freelance writer. She has written and published nine books (Two fictions and seven nonfiction books) which are available worldwide. Her book ‘Homemade Facials, Masques and Beauty Tips is sold in world’s largest book store ’Barnes and Noble’. Apart from this she has written more than five hundred articles and short stories for different blogs and e-newspaper.  She has also participated in ten anthologies as a co-author. She has received three awards for her work as an author which are:

  1. “The writer award” for ‘Reporther’ e-newspaper.
  2. “Top 30 Women Age Under 50 Award” from the UNIMO group.
  3. “Literoma achiever award” for her work as an author.

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Facebook:- Author Kshma Rao


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Greetings of the day!

I am absolutely happy to take your interview today. So, let’s begin our journey.

1.Tell me about yourself and about your journey of writing.

 I am a post graduate in Human Development from Bangalore   University. I was in Africa for nine years during my childhood. I am  married and I have a daughter.

 I started  writing when my daughter grew to be independant enough to look after her basics. I started  writing articles and short stories for different blogs and e-newspapers as a freelance writer. I have written more than five hundred published articles.  I have written seven nonfiction books and three fictions. I have also co-authored  ten anthologies. My book “Homemade facials, masques and beauty tips” is sold on the shelf of the world’s largest book store ‘Barnes and Noble’.

2.What inspired you to write?

 God has inspired me to write. I learn something from each and every person I meet. I can say that I am inspired by my goals.

 I had been to an author felicitation ceremony and it is at this time, I felt that I too can find success in writing. I applied for a freelance writer job in a web and software development company. They asked me to send a sample of my writing. I got selected and they offered me payment. They also allowed me to work from home.

3.What problems did you face during writing and publishing your book?

I learnt everything with my own exploration. I have dedicated all my free time for writing. There was no one to guide me out in this field, but everything went on so smoothly according to my plans. I really didn’t face any problem.

4.Tell me about your work.

Kitchen clinic is a combination of Science and folklore for health. It contains information about natural home remedies for common ailments. You don’t have to run to a doctor every time for common ailments.

5.What was your hardest  scene to write?

It was ultra difficult and embarassing for me writing chapter six of the novella “Little fires everywhere” in the book “Sunshine” where Mr Kannan tortures his wife Kajal sexually.

 6.Tell me about the genre of books that you have written earlier

I have written both nonfiction and fiction books. I am a great fan of home remedies. Most of my nonfiction books are based on home remedies.

7.We would like to know about your future projects. Tell us, If there’s any.

 I will start writing my eleventh book soon. It is a children’s book.

8.Your good and bad experience about your book and journey to become a writer.

There are lots of good experiences. I hear from my readers that they like my simple and clear way of writing. I have also received a hate message from a fake profile. I love my haters too.

9.Tell me something about your book marketing process.

I keep in mind online traffic keyword strategies while publishing my book. My books are sold in sixteen different sites. I have also put my books in parlors and national book sales.

10.Tell me more about achievements that you have got so far.

     I have received the following awards:-

a. “The writer award” for Reporther newspaper

b. “Top 30 women of India age below 50” from the UNIMO group

c. “Literoma Achiever Award”

The books I have written and published are:-

  1. Homemade facials, masques and beauty tips (nonfiction)
  2. DIY cosmetics and cleaners(nonfiction)
  3. Pregnancy guide and home remedies(nonfiction)
  4. Baby care and child care- zero to three(nonfiction)
  5. Parenting the growing child- teens and tweens(nonfiction)
  6. The Angel (Collection of short stories)
  7. Forever (Novel)
  8. Kitchen clinic (nonfiction)
  9. Full body detox and natural cleanse by traditional methods (Nonfiction)

11.You  mentioned that you are a freelance writer. So tell me, how do you deal with your work as a freelance writer.

 I am having the opportunity to work from home on topics on which I enjoy writing. I can write as many articles as I want.  It helps me improve my writing.

12.Any message would you like to convey to all those aspiring writers out there? Mention the Dos and Don’ts.

 Writing is not easy. Read, read, read and write, write, write. Don’t give up if your writing gets rejected by the publisher.

Great! We have come to the end of our interview session.

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