An Interview With Rehana Ali

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Dear SHE, on behalf of all the readers, public, families, friends and your well-wishers, we would like to discuss something about you and of course, your journey as well. This conversation will help readers to know more about you and your journey. Please give answers to the attached answers in brief.
So let’s start now…….

The Spirit Mania: Most welcome to The Spirit Mania. We heartily congratulate you for being an INFLUENTIAL WOMEN OF THE YEAR 2K20. It’s really a great achievement. First thing, we would like to know about your basic info as a person, daily life, career so far and anything you would like to share about you with your readers and your well-wishers and also with us.
WhatsApp No. 9891541284
Mobile No. 9891541284
Category: Social Work / Literature

The Spirit Mania: Please tell us something about your journey of becoming an author/blogger/teacher and other fields in which you are working? When you actually started your journey and how was the circumstance? Did any person or situation influenced you to become what you are today?

About Nominee:

Voluntary associated with Alhikmah foundation New Delhi (An ISO certified, Registered Society for the Promotion of Health, Education, Sports and General Welfare) as Co- Ordinator,womens’Empowerment since 1995 and playing leading role in organizing different activities like Seminars/Conferences/Workshops, Health Camps, B.Ed and Basic Entrance Coaching, Polio and Hepatitis B vaccination Camps, Plantation Camps, Pulse Polio Camps, Drugs Awareness Camps, Aids/Appliances Distribution Camps, Students’ counseling Camps/ Women’s Counseling Camps / Library-Cum Reading room / Computer Course / Fashion Designing Centre for poor Girls etc.


 Co – Ordinator, Alhikmak foundation Women Empowerment Cell, New Delhi
 Story Writer / Poet
 Chair Person, All Ladies League (Delhi NCR Sister hood Chapter
 Executive Member of Robin Hood Academy South Delhi
 SUB-EDITOR In Millat Times New Delhi


Since 1995, I Associate with Alhikmah foundation and my effort of activism to address social problems.
I have maintained a network of women activists in my city to show solidarity in women’s issues – “female feticide”, “Women‟s Safety”, “Women Empowerment” in Delhi”. We have made many charitable contributions with hospitals for poor patients in the form of providing medical aid and appliances and distributed Scholarships, bicycles and sewing machines to poor girls/separated/divorced/widowed women in locals of Aligarh. Besides this, Wheel Chairs, Tricycles and Scooter have aslo been donated every year to poor visually challenged students and others.

I am a committed and result oriented social activist associated with Alhikmah Foundation as Womens’ Co-Ordinator since 1995 work on Women Empowerment Cell. I have been closely attached with social welfare activities ever since.
I have been running Alhikmah Craft Centre for women / Girls to make them self dependent, Alhikmah Coaching & Guidance Centre for Poor students and Computer Centre / Library Facilities also..
For last Six years, I have been engaged in Career Counseling of poor girls / Boys. I do frequently visit in different Areas and motivate girls Boys/ for education. In case of financial obstacles, I do make connectivity for their uniform, books as well as fee.
I have been actively involved in volunteering for organizing several health camps with other organizations also.

About work

ALHIKMAH FOUNDATION is a Registered, ISO certified, non-political, non-governmental organization.The resources of funds is Self and public donation/Aids / Gifts/ Annual and Monthly Contribution and Subscriptions. Foundation is dedicated to help the poor and downtrodden sections by supporting the cause and concerns of their socioeconomic development and empowerment.

Social impact

Activities Organized

  1. Library Facility
    Alhikmah Foundation has been running Library –Cum Reading room Facility.
  2. Sewing / Craft Centre
    Alhikmah Foundation has been running a Sewing / Craft Centre for Poor Women / Girls. In this
    Centre, all the raw material even needle is provided. Its Six Months Certificate Course.
    A Sewing Machine is also gifted to each one of them along with Training Completion Certificate as they may able to earn at their own.
  3. Vocational Training Centre
    ALHIKMAH Foundation has recently established a Vocational Training Centre, in which short term courses of Recycling, Drawing & Painting, Self-Grooming, Personality Development, Pickle/Jam Making, Inerior Decoration, Computer Skills, Health & Hygiene awareness etc. courses are to be started.
  4. Coaching & Guidance Centre
    Alhikmah Foundation has been running a Coaching & Guidance Centre for students at nominal fees, wherein, students have been prepared for B.Ed ,E.T.E and DIET entrence coaching.
  5. COMPUTER CLASSES Alhikmah Foundation Running a computer center for boys / girls also where we take only nominal charges for full attendance.
  6. Free General Health Camps
    We arranged many Free health camps in different areas on regular basis
  7. Pulse Polio Camps
    Arranged Pulse Polio Camps in different colonies and Mohallas, aware public and given Polio drops to children upto 5 years.
  8. Hepatitis B Vaccination Camp
    Arranged in below Poverty line areas and given free prescription
  9. Pregnant Ladies Check-up Camps
    Arranged free check-up camps in below poverty line areas
  10. Vaccination Camps
    Arranged Vaccinations Camps for kids.
  11. Charitable Clinics
    Our Charitable health Dispaensaries in diffent areas in Delhi and other cities also.
  12. Blood Donation Camps
    Arrange Blood Donations Camps Monthly
  13. Placement Assistance We arrange Placement assistance in our Classes
  14. Awareness Campaigns on

Aids/Diarrhea/Malaria/Chicken Gunia
Arranged many awareness camps and displayed banners and distributed Pamphlets/ handouts to aware general public.

  1. Financial Assistance other than Dowry to Poor Girls
    Given assistance other than dowry to poor girls in their marriage
  2. Medical Assistance
    Given medical assistance to many poor patients in arranging their medicines , fruits, x-rays, ultra-sound medicines etc.
  3. Scholarships
    Assisting the education of the children of the migrant and the marginalized sections of our society. Contributions have been made in the form of sponsorships, books and uniforms. The foundation also provides a lending hand to families on the financial ‘cliff-edge’ through quality healthcare and social welfare
  4. Distribution of Personal Materials like blanket, clothes
    Donated Blankets, clothes and other things to poor as and when needed
  5. Awareness Campaigns among students by arranging Competitions
    Aware and sensitize students by arranging Drawing, painting and poster making competitions like Drug Addiction, female foeticide, World Health Day, Global Warming, and Communal Harmony/Water Recycling etc.
  6. Plantation Programme With rising awareness of the value of greenery, we also taken into consideration the need for planting trees in different parts of DELHI and other cities also We planted 100 Herbal plants also in different areas for environment and the importance of
    environmental balance.

Distribution of Aids/Appliances to Poor & Needy among visually challenged people
Donated Tri-Cycles to poor and needy visually challenged people to make self dependent and Wheel Chairs/Stretchers etc.

Distribution of Sewing Machines Donated sewing machines to widows and poor
section of the society, this offers them a major source to become financially self-dependent.

Distribution to Poor Students
Distributed Free Food/Copy pencils /Colors/ specially designed school bags for underprivileged children.

Honours / Awards /Achievements:

  1. Recipient of “LITRARY AWARD FROM’GAYETRI SAHITYA SANSTHA NEW Delhi on Febrary 2020
  2. Recipient of “GREH LAXMI AWARD for Social Work ,Febrary 2020 ALIGARH
  3. Recipient of “LITRARY AWARD FROM LITRARY SOCIETY October 2019
  5. Recipient of “ANCHORING AWARD From RDC Club JULY – 2019”
  6. Recipient of “WOMENS’ EMPOERMENT AWARD From ZHF Foundation MARCH”-2019
  7. Recipient of “Women Achievement Award-
  8. Recipient of Many CERTIFICATES FROM other SOCIETIES.
  9. Invited by MILLAT TIMES CHENNAL for discussing various Women’s Issues

The Spirit Mania: Please tell the readers something about your interest in the respective field. What is your message to those readers who are trying to do the best in your field?
Answer: “If the will to achieve something is embedded in the soul, everything is Possible”

The Spirit Mania: And yes, the most important thing we would like to hear from you is what is your message to those girls and women who are suffering from any problem in their journey to achieve something big? You have been their source of motivation, please convey your thoughts with them.
Answer: I would only say to please believe in yourself first. Don’t be disheartened in any of the situations, the show must go on. If you come across a problem, don’t cry, just think the way to come out of your trauma. Believe me, every problem has solution.You can make a difference by just setting your goal. Your hardwork, consistency, honesty and never giving up attitude will surely give you a special place in society. Each one of has an ability. Try to findout your ability and go to polish and utilize it in correct way.

The Spirit Mania: Being one of the Influential Women; what type of changes do you want in your society as well as with respect to women?
Answer: Women should be provided with opportunities to be at Leadership positions within the organizations without any gender bias to meet the demand of a balance at socio-economic and political structure.

Great! We have come to the end of our interview session.

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