An Interview With Jayantee Khare

About her:
Jayantee Khare is a post graduate in mechanical engineering by qualifcation, teacher by profession and a poetess by passion. A native of Bhopal, settled in Pune, a light worker (Reiki master), writes poetry in English and Hindi. Being a thinker and dreamer, she has been a writng randomly since childhood for herself and closed ones. Realised her calling as poet, couple of years back, She started postng online and in her college weekly magazine. She may be followed via the links-




1. “Quotations Anthology” ..with Selected authors released in Feb 19
2. “The rides on the tides”…A collection of english poems.(releasing soon)
3. “RooबRoo” ..Anthology with 3 of her hindi poems
4. “Quilled by patriotism”… Anthology with 3 of her hindi patriotic poems
5. “The life unrhymed”… eBook on Amazon kindle-a collection of 50 poems

About work- a professor/scientist in ministry of defence teaching to engg graduate and post graduate military officers, actively writing bilingual poetry onlon various digital platforms.

Social impact -the poetry is soulful, based on transformation and acceptance, with full of love for nature, beloved and god.
Soothing and healing to weary souls.
The poems are relatable to all age group.

Awards/Achievement-presently nominated for the author of the year award by “story mirror”

Read her full Interview here:

The Spirit Mania: Most welcome to The Spirit Mania. We heartily congratulate you for being an INFLUENTIAL WOMEN OF THE YEAR 2K20. It’s really a great achievement. First thing, we would like to know about your basic info as a person, daily life, career so far and anything you would like to share about you with your readers and your well-wishers and also with us.
Answer: Thank you so much spirit mania!
The sher written by me, I narrate when I’m told to introduce self…..
मुस्तक़बिल स्याह वजूद ख़ाकसार
मग़र दिन भर दस्तख़त,
तासीर फ़ाक़मस्त दिल बेपरवाह
ऐसी अपनी शख़्सियत…
I’m a post graduate in mechanical engineering, a DRDO scientist, posted as instructor to teach army officers and cadets in an army educational institute. My family comprises husband and two teenage children. Being an avid reader, thinker, having seen various phases of life I’m bestowed with the insight and thought process for writing. Being a Reiki master and practitioner I connect well with the human nature, perceive their traits, understand their sufferings, aware of the role of karma and the process of transformation, and hence able to pen down this effectively as poetry.

The Spirit Mania: Please tell us something about your journey of becoming an author/blogger/teacher and other fields in which you are working? When you actually started your journey and how was the circumstance? Did any person or situation influenced you to become what you are today?
My profession is totally technical teaching, it has nothing to do with literature. I enjoyed teaching since the beginning of my career and now I’ve spent 25 years in this profession.
I used to write randomly just to express myself what I couldn’t share with others. I will give credits to my reiki guru Brig Hardeep Singh Dhanny for what I am now. He used to conduct meditation sessions and in which there was a one minute activity “Writing Letter to God”. That activity I continued further and it became a daily bedtime routine. I used to break into tears that time. Slowly I realised my letters are becoming rythmic and poetic. And hence with my Guruji Naushir’s blessings I was evolved as a poetess.
I started posting english poems on, made a facebook page and now my poems are published in 4 renowned anthologies, one e-magazines and as two poetry collections. Also writing on many hindi poetry sites and groups.
The Spirit Mania: Please tell the readers something about your interest in the respective field. What is your message to those readers who are trying to do the best in your field?
Answer: First important thing, read a lot. Then write not to sell. A good read may not be bestseller. Don’t judge yourself by number of followers. Write for your own contentment. This field too has many facets. Keep writing and keep enriching yourself.

The Spirit Mania: And yes, the most important thing we would like to hear from you is what is your message to those girls and women who are suffering from any problem in their journey to achieve something big? You have been their source of motivation, please convey your thoughts with them.
Answer: Be self-reliant, have patience, be persistent. And please, have no shortcuts.

The Spirit Mania: Being one of the Influential Women; what type of changes do you want in your society as well as with respect to women?
Answer: I want the harmony among various communities, classes and generations, accomodativeness for all, integrity towards nation and society. I want women and young girls to be progressive in thoughts but firm in the matter of values and principles and responsible for themselves. As aspiring women they have to be prepared to face many challenges in life, career etc. “Setbacks are breakthroughs.” Cracks are to let the light get in….

Great! We have come to the end of our interview session.

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