A Bride, A Murder & A Trail of Blood by Laxmi Natraj

About the Book :-

A newly married bride starting her life in a modern neighbourhood spotted with bruises and wounds by almost everyone, clearly pointing to a dark case of domestic violence. When the flat is discovered with blood spills and visible sign of violence in the house, there is an obvious possibility of a brutal attack or even a murder of the bride Both the bride and professor husband are missing .

As the police investigate further, evidence piles up against the professor , the accused is found finally, But he shocks the police by saying that he was never ever married to any girl.

The story twists and turns with heated arguments of court scenes where the defence and the prosecution collide head along to prove their point. As the reader almost decides that the story has concluded, a blast from the past of the professor unfolds, revealing the darkest side of the professor and more skeleton tumble down from the closet. The reader enjoy a rollercoaster ride of a series of shocking, and spine chilling revealations, that will your glued till the last page of the novel.

Reviews :-

A Bride, A Murder and A Trail of Blood by Laxmi Natraj. Yes the title of this book is enough to say more about its story. And you can find out story is something different and it is a crime thriller. Its a story about a bride who came in her new home but she had bruises and scars on her body. After some days she and her professor husband were missing. After arresting her husband he told that he was never ever married to any girl. But crime is crime , finally police were successful in finding skeletons from his home. Story is interesting with a rollercoaster ride and various twists and turns in this story. In the last of blurb portion I read a question that why this book was launched by the Honourable Education Minister Shri Vinod Tawde. Yes I got its answer it’s because this story totally relates the social issues of our society and country. Domestic violence is the major problem with girls and women in our society. To show this acknowledge everyone about this author has written this book. Language is good. Cover design is attractive and according to the story. Every page turning of this book increases curiosity to read . Author has done a great job. This book is very effective to remove all those taboos of our society which affects our system.

Ratings :-

Cover :- 4/5

Title :- 5/5

Blurb :- 5/5

Contents :- 5/5

Overall :- 4.75/5

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