With a vision to help youth to achieve their dreams, “The Spirit Mania” is community  started for youth empowerment and skill development. It is an initiative to unite the youth for a better change and unearthen their inner creativity. To do the best, you need to be confident. So, we are working for self motivation and making them confident for their talent. It’s motto is to uplift the talent and respect each one of them in the better way they deserve. As we know, art of living lies in art of giving. Similarly, it’s a platform to respect each one’s talent and skill and and promote them. It is monitored by a team of youth to develop and share our skills to make youth skillful and to bring a social awareness for each activity. It is aimed to promote youth in their better plan for betterment of them.  

“Youth is the one who is having an innovative idea or an innovative skill with innovative mind and zeal to do anything.”


  • Youth Development
  • Skill Development
  • Social development
  • Self Development
  • Tech-innovation


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