Aur kitni Nirbhaya by Vinayak Sharma

Review :- Aur kitni nirbhaya by Vinayak Sharma . As the title given by the author is enough to tell you the whole story , if you really know about Nirbhaya. It is a non – fiction book . But it totally reflects the social issues that happens everyday in our country. In the blurb portion author also mentioned a census report about various issues such as rape, sexual assault, crime, family health survey etc. Story is very interesting and it’s every page turning increases my curiosity to read it as soon as possible. I liked every points every chapters every contents of this story. I recommend this book to read all readers. Because after reading it you will come to know about the reality of our society. And this book will force to think for sometime about this content as well as our society. Ratings :-Cover :- 5/5. Title :- 5/5. Blurb :- 5/5. Content :- 5/5. Overall :- 5/5

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