Cyber security at your fingertips by Reetwika Banerjee.

About book :-‘Cybersecurity at your fingertips’ offers a bag of handy, jargon free , easy to follow security tips for any ordinary person who is a regular user of various cyber technologies like Bluetooth, wifi , internet , social media, smartphones, laptops,PDAs, automatic cars, telebanking, multimedia, ATMs, 4G sim and other modern technologies, gadgets and gizmos. Nevertheless, all tips will go meaningless if you don’t own your acts. So , choose only a handful of security measures suggested in this book and follow them diligently to enjoy a safe cyber life.

Review :-Cyber security at your fingertips by Reetwika Banerjee is her non – fiction book which is different in genre as well as in her other books. It is quite interesting book as well as it is knowledgeable book for all. More than that it is very important for those who works in the IT sector and they are suffering from cyber crime. I appreciate her work and her dedication towards this work to write something different for readers. Ratings :-. Book Cover :- 4/5. Book Blurb :- 5/5. Book Content :- 5/5. Overall :- 4.5/5

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