Delhi Delights By Rudhir Prakash Sarma

About the book :-

Rajiv and Akhil are two friends but with a very different set of values and behavioural traits. While the former is focussed and career- oriented but the latter is more fun-loving , less hardworking , ever ready to take the easy route to success and given a choice is always eager to keep away from facing the numerous challenges and hassles in the journey called life. Away from home for the first time in their lives, they soon realise that life is not exactly a cake-walk and strive hard to boldly face the numerous hardships , uncertainties and temptations that can divert their attention from chasing their career goals. As both of them make new friends and gain new contacts their long lasting bond of friendship is put to test. In a world where people prefer to measure success only in monetary terms, will the two be able to succeed and retain their friendship? And most importantly , will they be able to truly enjoy their success with their loved ones who made innumerable sacrifices to help them chase their dreams?

Review :-

Delhi Delights by Rudhir Prakash Sharma is a story of two friends named Rajeev and Akhil . Both were good friends but they were opposite in behavioural traits. They face the truth of life when they first came away from home and both realized that life is not so simple as they from earlier. Story is yet simple with simple title but interesting . It totally looks like a teenage story that we always see everywhere. The plot of the story is good with well narration. The plot of the story heightens the emotional intensity and it brings to realize the reality of life to both boys. All over story is interesting. Every age group can read it.

Ratings :-

Cover :- 4/5

Title :- 3.5/5

Blurb :- 4/5

Contents :- 4/5

Overall :- 3.75/5

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