Himani Likhi

Answer to the first question.

Journey was really amazing. First, I really didn’t knew what to write about. But only knew that l have to fulfil my dad’s dream. I was searching different subjects. Then one day all of a sudden l remember my uncle’s words- “ What you will do if you get lost in a forest?” At that time l could not answer this question. But then even l never had imagined of writing a book on this whole issue.

For writing the book I have to choose different locations, different set up. Search a lot on Google. Read some books. At time there was a writers block. I stopped writing for few months. But then geared up again and wrote the book. It took 9 months to write just 400 pages. Read them again n again. I was short in finances so l had to edit it on my own with the help of my brother Abhinandan and my friend Megha. As per as publishing the book is concerned l didn’t had to struggle a lot. I got a publisher easily. But because l was writing for the first time l was not sure what response l will get.

On the whole, the journey was really wonderful. I felt l was in some other world while creating it.

Answer to the second question-

“ When l Just Woke Up” is my story, your story n everyone’s else. It’s a fantasy basically. But through this fantasy l have tried to put forth and promote a simple fact of life that is ‘ ‘not taking things for granted’. Life is really really important and the other important thing is to be alive. We all take things for granted and stop living while running after things that hardly matter to us. Katherine Oberoi , the main character is representing this irresponsible attitude of human race. But she is awakened soon before everything goes out of her control.

Another important thing that l have tried to emphasize if – “ Follow Your Dream” which most people really leave for tomorrow. Live your dream now. Because it is not only good for you but for everyone your are related to or connected to. Life becomes magical when you do so. And so does it happens with Katherine Oberoi, who wanted to be a photographer but was doing MBBS on her parent demand.

Along with this there is lot of adventure and suspense in the novel. And creativity makes it more beautiful and interesting. Do not miss the end.

Answer to the third question-

Yes l do agree, writers are another creators. They can write what has already been created and they can also write what has to be created whether that’s a film or a real world.

It has also been rightly said what ever is imagined already exists in the Universe somewhere.

Answer to the fourth question-

Besides my family , l was inspired by JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling and Dan Brown. A writer like me really needed a high dose.

Answer to the fifth question-

I am very much artistic and creative person. So l am attracted towards different form of arts and creative doing. Writing is not just my only passion but the intention behind my writing is more important to me. And l am more interested in making myself a better human being than changing others. Changing others is like controlling others and that’s really rude and cruel. But still through my writing l am trying to awaken others if not change them.

I love cats and l have come close to them more after writing this book. Earlier l was just feeding them now they are my pet.

I can’t see people alone. That really hurts me. So l always try to do something for them even if it has to be in the form of pray.

Answer to the sixth question-

I was proud and emotional at that time. And remembered my dad. Every time l take my book in my hand even today, l feel as if it’s my part, my story. And l feel satisfied.

Answer to the seventh question-

I like JRR Tolkien, Dan Brown, Robin Cook.

And my favorite books are Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Dan Brown books all, Robin Cooks Coma, Vector.

I even like some non fiction books- Secret, A New Earth, One thing.

Answer to the eighth question-

Frankly speaking some of them didn’t read it at all. But those who did really loved it and finished it in one go. They were really stunned reading the end. They really appreciated it, founded it full of suspense and adventure. And one of them said the book could really hold her till the end.

Answer to the ninth question-

Like l said l like almost all art forms so l sing, paint, dance, knit, cook, drive, read, act, climb. And if possible l might learn more art forms in future. I am a freelance chocolatier too.

Answer to the tenth question-

Well l don’t plan but l just write when l have to and when l feel like. And I try to keep my subject in secret and love surprise people.

Answer to the eleventh question-

Yes, writing is not an easy job. It’s really tough. You have to search create, recreate, cut, edit and write again and again to bring perfection. But l really enjoy doing this. This creative exercise rejuvenated me.

Answer to the twelfth question-

I don’t remember exactly when l realized this thing. But l remember using words to bring peace between the two men and women who were arguing about a small issue, and at many times to make people feel good about themselves. The beauty of language comes with the use of proper words and tone.

Answer to the thirteenth question-

Fantasy..You can really create a world of your own choice.

Answer to the fourteenth question-

While writing my book like l said earlier I really didn’t knew what to write. I just knew that l have to. I had to search online for different subjects but l didn’t wanted to write what was already their. This idea clicked when l remembered my uncle words..He asked me what l will do if l get lost in a forest. So this book is my answer to this question.

Because it was my first book and l hardly had any writing experience so l really had to work hard on its plot and style. To make it a perfect piece, l searched a lot, interviewed my friends, read some books. Which was again a difficult job because l am really not fond of reading books and articles.

Writers block really made it tough for me to overcome all my doubts. I was really pushed by my family and friends towards the completion of the book.

Editing was really difficult and l really failed to edit my own book because l had gone through it so many times ro make it perfect. So my brother and friend edited my book.

Then l really didn’t had finances. But thanks to my aunt who suggested me a low budget publishing house-National Press Associates. It was not difficult for them to approach and present my story. They liked it and published it well.

Altogether it was really tough but l enjoyed the whole process a lot.

Answer to the fifteenth question-

Lots and lots of love for my readers. And I wish them to read stuff that makes them feel good, awakens and educates them and also entertains them simultaneously. It doesn’t matter whether it comes from my book or from any other authors book.

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