It Ended but to happen Again by Puja Singh

It ended but to happen again by puja Singh is a teenage love story book. When I took this book to read I started turning it’s page to know about its title as well as it’s content. But during reading and after completing this story I came to know about its title that why authoress has given this name to this story. I liked the story plot as well as the way of writing by the authoress. Story is very interesting and it is a must read book for romance book lover.

It’s a story about two teenage lover named Aditi and Aditya who fell in love during their school days . After various ups and downs in their lives finally they left apart from each other. Both moved on from their life. But after seven years they met in a hotel where engagement ceremony of Aditi has taken place and finally Aditi rejected to marry with his husband and she got married with his lover Aditya. Story is quite interesting and I liked the way of writing by her though it’s her debut novel but her writing skill is very good. But after reading it I fell in love with its character and I started thinking about this story that love happen again even it ended in someone’s life.


Cover :- 5/5

Title :- 5/5

Content :- 5/5

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