Kahi mai nivastra to nhi by Yatindra Manju Pandey

About book :-

This book contains poems about various genres and it contains poem on experience, live, stress, fear, pain , life . Some poem tells about the society, some poems tells about love , some tells about the imagination of poet.

Review :-

Kahi mai nivastra to nhi by Yatindra Manju Pandey is a collection of different hindi poems. When I received this book to read I thought this book has something special to read such as lustful or romantic story but when I opened it then I saw it’s a poetry book. It contains total 60 poems which belongs from different titles and thoughts and emotions but it contains a poem which totally relates to its title . I liked the way of writing such enthusiastic write-ups by the poet. Every poem has some special things and words. From all the above poem “chitkar” , “ek aur pakistan niklega” , “Ab kuchh nhi bacha zamane me ” , “mera wajood” , “Mera guftagoo khud se” Is very interesting poem . After all every poem is excellent . Some are emotional. Some poem has sch type of words which can tear your heart.

Ratings :-

Cover :- 4/5

Title :- 4/5

Content :- 5/5

Blurb :- 4/5

Overall :- 4/5

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