Laxmi Natraj

Take us through the journey of writing your book Early days when I was in school and college there was no outlet for my creativity for writing. It was all restricted to my writing plays for children and contributing to school magazine. It was quite late in my life when I joined SNDT for a course in women’s study the professors there discovered my potential for my creative writing and encouraged me publish my work. I started with writing short stories for children and then progressed to writing a full sci-fi adventure for young adult. This novel got published on the very first attempt. I started writing sequel for the book and wrote five more novels. Then I changed to writing crime thriller for adult and published 3 novels so far.
2.Tell us something about your book. My book, “ A bride, a murder, and a trail of blood” is suspense thriller. A newly married bride Diya, wife of a Professor is found to be a victim of domestic violence, found with bleeding wounds by everyone in complex. One fine day the bride and her husband were found to be missing and blood spill all over the house leads to the suspicion of murder of the bride The police hunt for the Professor and finally arrest him. But he shocks them by saying that he was never married to any girls. There were hundreds of witnesses against the professor and a heated court scenes follows and the Professor is nailed. But the Police is in for shock when they come to know about the past life of the professor Skeletons from the closet of the Professor starts tumbling down. The story twist and turn in every page, and will keep the readers completely captivated till the end and the final climax is most unimaginable one.
3.It’s a saying that writers are another creators. Do you agree with it?Perfectly true. The writers create fictitious characters who speak and act according to the imagination of the author
4.Your inspiration besides your family. I get inspire by all those people who work very hard and become successful. I admire all those authors who could write books running into 400 pages , who could create so many characters.
5.Tell us something about yourself. Having spent most of my life as a teacher my life was simple without much event. Once I discovered my potential to write I spent major part of my time in writing. I write short stories, poems and blogs. When I am not writing I either or watch crime thriller movies or serials in TV
6.By holding your own book is a special feelings always. For you, how was that feeling ? That is a greatest thrill just like holding your own newborn baby in hand, created word by word and finally as a lovely shaped book.
7.Who is your favourite author and what is your favourite book? I am inspired by crime writers especially the one who writes science fiction. There are a number of authors, not just one whom I admire. But the best is Robin Cook in English, and in Tamil Sujatha. They were my first inspiration
8.Share some memories (good and bad both) of your reader’s response. The greatest gift for an author is when unknown people read their book and give it a5 star rating in Good reads or in Amazon. A few of them take time to write personal emails too. The happiness and satisfaction derived from these responses cannot be described in words. Few readers do give critical comments about some character or issues . Readers have a right to comment and if something is constructive I keep it in mind for my future writing.
9.What are your other hobbies I love creativity. I paint, make creative things from wasted plastic bottles and other things. I love sports and was an active player of badminton in earlier day. I love playing with children, telling story or listening to them. I love all type of music and listen for hours.
10.What is your next plan of writing ? I had finished another crime thriller and is already under the process of publication. It is about a mystery of murder and things happening around a village temple and is titled “ The Lingeswar Temple and the Lurking shadows”. I am half way through my next crime thriller which revolves around the factory of a Herbal medicine and a chain of murders.
11.Do you ever feel like writing is tough It depends on the person. Creativity, just like any art form or art is an inborn nature in some individual. Some people say that they suffer from “ The writer’s block” But I find my writing very slow compared with the ideas bursting in my head. Maybe because I am a female when I am engaged in daily chores like cooking or scrubbing, my mind keeps on running the story and thus there is always three chapters in my head before I actually start the story. But maybe for beginners, it may be tough as they are not sure how to develop the plot.
12. When did you first realize that language has some power to bind hearts? Right from my first book, my publishers had praised me for my narration skill. According to me, real life like situation narrated in simple language brings in more connectivity with the readers than the long passages of high level of literary phrases or the lengthy unwanted description of the places etc
13.Which genre you prefer the most for writing?I had been writing mostly on Crime. When I write for children I keep it in a mild from—no violence but as an adventure. But for adult, I love to write only Crime. I can keep the writers hooked only in this genre. I am not capable of writing on any other genre.
14.What challenges did you face while writing and getting published ? Getting published is nothing less than moving a mountain. I don’t know how it was for others. But for ,me every book was a struggle.
15. Few words for your lovely readers? I love all my readers, whose faces are also unknown to me for selecting my book and reading it and then giving their valuable Feedback. I am a senior citizen and mostly ay my age senior citizen starts getting bored with life. But my readers had given me such Immense love and appreciation which I had never felt in earlier part of my life. I look forward for writing more for them and any Physical problems I face once in a while all seems to melt away.

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