ME WITH MY 75 by Harshal Bajaj

About the book :-

The world we create around us is the mere recycle binof our thinking and transcendence of thinking . Me with my 75 is the book about me, expressing through poetic devices which elicite my personal feelings dealing with a good ending and sone times with the ray of no hope in a scalding weather. Life is all about miracles which happen to those who believe in achieving them. The book is all about real or perceived events which longing and loses the most. The verses in this book will affect eternity : it’s influence will never stop.

Review :-

Me with my 75 by Harshal Bajaj is a collection of miraculous poetry and heart touching quotes. Every word of it touches the depth of heart where you feel some special kinds of emotions during reading it.

Among all the creations of this book ” Dreams that can’t become true and ” Axe of your phosphine” have touched the core of my heart and filled with emotions. It’s not a typical love poems or other stuffs but it’s a collection of every diverse human expression and conditions of the real world

The best line of this book is ” Life is all about miracles and changes which happens for those who believe in achieving them and changing this world”.

The book has modern form of poetry with poetess modern art and creativity with words and will help the readers to understand life much better.

After all the way of expression of strong words in each and every lines of poems and quotes regarding the circumstances of life and it’s reality is worth praising.

Ratings :-

Cover :- 5/5

Title :- 5/5

Blurb :- 5/5

Contents :- 5/5

Overall :- 5/5

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