Ravindra Singh Thakur

1.Take us through the journey of writing your book.

Answer: This journey has been started two years back then, On 12th June 2015, from the land of Indore to Bina(U.P).

I went through one of the hardest and worst situations in my life.

because in the end, I had lost finest and greatest thing of my life…

However, later I couldn’t recognise what I was feeling for other’s. I had bunked all classes in 7th semester. “If any faculty ask me about lectures”, My eyes turned into red, and my tears were creeping on my cheeks.

I tried to hide that pain by flirting, making more and quantity of friends but those things were not working out for me. I tried to pen down so many write-ups everyday. It didn’t satisfied my soul. There has been times, when my hand were stopped and tears were pouring on mobile screen and computer keyboard. Real Friends of mine asked me about My “writing and Other things”.My lips couldn’t have courage to utter a single word at that moment. And then, Finally, I had completed my 7th Semester with 70%. And first time in my life someone told me, about my percentage and said, “Chote, it’s not enough for making a good result”. Several times that thing strokes my mind with lots of memories. I was not able to recognise,from where and how to write this “Novel”…..

1 year passed as it is. I had thought about the plot of the story,and however, I realized “jaha sb mile the vahi se shuruaat krni chahiye”.

I didn’t count my sleepless nights, “innumerable times my parents asked me, “did you cried at last night?”

Its scary what a smile can hide despite knowing, I’m a simple person, “Who hides thousand feelings behind the happiest smile”.

My mother used to think “Ravin will become mad for his best friend”. Everyday I talked about him to my parents. I started to attend Parties and making new friends. I remember, whenever “I missed him” that moment, how I reacted because, On several mornings; I had tears notching on my pillow. At the time of project only my fingers typed innumerable words in notes, my friends always says, me “Bhai project par dhayan de le”.

I gave a fake look at that time and said “yes, I’m working on project”.

“Placement” were going on in the campus. But, my Destiny wanted to reside in the destination of “Writer’s world of Books” so, I got rejection from countless companies and multitudinous kicked so many offer letter’s.

Faculties asked me, “About my placement at that time”- My lips were zip locked and they said,”we know you will do different things and you know which thing is best for you”.they completed their sentence by this words.

Finally! I had completed my 8th semester, with 83.33 percentage, everyone were shocked, because I was a part of all other activities. except “Academics.” On That same day Pankaj Bhaiya, told me “chote kr dikhaya tune”.

And something unlike rational rolling in upon my head.and I wanted to complete one promise, “Beta uska naam jab bhi lo to muskrate hue lo” this lines and words are responsible for this Novel. “Promises stays alive for lifelong but humans doesn’t”.

I wanted to fabricate his name immortal by my words,and bring him into existence.

I did this thing in “Annual Fest” of my college but,my heart exclaimed!, to do greatest for him. Countless times, I had tried to wrote continually 3 to 4 hours. In the end I realized,I missed few things. then, I erased it over again.I had read numerous amount of books.

And then it took a heavenly turning track.

“I’ve wrote in around 16 Anthologies” one ebook which got published. I don’t know how I write and however, Novel is not for writing and other things.


A ray of hope for Parents and Passion of mine. In the END, I will relive him, by my words because ,” HE IS THE FINEST EXAMPLE OF FRIENDSHIP FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD”.

Numerous people criticized me; for my write ups, yet, I didn’t stop my ink to quirls on paper.

In this journey many people came into my life and many left me all alone. I want to thank to all those who stood by my side by being pillar of my strength.

Thanks a lot Engineer Piyush Kumar Pandey, for Reliving in our life all over again by “TWIRLS and TWIST: FRIENDSHIP V/S LOVE”.On 11th October 2017.

This isn’t a Novel it’s a integral part of mine. A soul, A best friend’s memories would be cherished through out my whole life.

This story has different types of emotions ,best friend’s love, couples: how their life turned, friends goals and inspiration to inspire other’s. A story about how college friends can go behind their best friend’s to complete their passionate dreams.

That’s how I became “Author”.Er Ravindra Singh Thakur.
2.Tell us something about your book.

Answer: A story of friendship, love, and some unfulfilled promises beyond death.

Yes it’s true thriller love story of Piyush and Aahna which is entangled. Piyush is a simple guy and having so many dreams for humanity. Aahna is a heartbroken girl but she completed Piyush dreams with the help of Vanshaj and Vanshaj spreads love, smile for other people. This is an immortal inspirational story. All friends give a best example of true, real and immortal friendship. This is a story of pure love not based on lust because few love stories depend on trust…dreams…understanding which compelled me to complete their love with their existence.
3.It’s a saying that writers are another creators. Do you agree with it?

Answer: yes I agree with it, because only writers knows about their word (emotions) which used in their creativity.
4.Your inspiration besides your family?

Answer: I don’t know but yes when I got my book in my hand then my parents were touching that pages like they touches new born baby and staring without blinking. I think their dream also became a true.
5.Tell us something about yourself.

Answer: I was born in Sehore. Currently Living in Dewas and Studied Electrical Engineering from oriental university in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and Now Working in an cosmetic Industry. In my childhood days whenever he read the stories of Bhagat Singh and Veer Savarkar he felt he should also write and in this way finally I wrote my first poem after class 12 with the help of his teachers. Every person who exists or doesn’t but they all are the inspiration for me till date and will always be. I always aimed to be a good person and I just want to spread literature in different form of my writings.
6.By holding your own book is a special feelings always. For you, how was that feeling?

Answer: I can’t explain that feeling in words but I want to say This book is not only a book for me this is the promise to someone and I just completed my promise for happiness. When I hold this book then I feel my best friend always stand near me.
7.Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?

Answer: jhon green (the faults in our stars)
8.Share some memories (good and bad both) of your reader’s response.
Answer: I always take a critics in positive way. Few readers didn’t like my book because of grammatical error but it’s first time, I will give my best for my next book. Thanks to all readers who’s read my book and gave me blessing by your smiles.
9.What are your other hobbies?

Answer: I love to do social work because without humanity our existence is not present then I just try to spread smile and happiness in others life.
10.What is your next plan of writing?
Answer: I am working on ebooks and my second novel which is based on retro story.
11.Do you ever feel like writing is tough?

Answer: yes, sometime when I stuck on few things to create through my writing.
12.When did you first realize that language has some power to bind hearts?

Answer: In 12th standard.
13.Which genre you prefer the most for writing?

Answer: Inspiration, love, friendship.
14.What challenges did you face while writing and getting published ?

Answer: So many publishers rejected me and accepted me but some time financial condition are also hurdle of your dreams. I just accepted that publication house which wanted work with me like family member and pblishing.com (Maplepress) have done great job. Thanks a lot for make me writer infront of the world.
15.Few words for your lovely readers?


I want to say to all my reader’s:

“Dreaming in “LIFE” is about risking everything for a “DREAM” which no one can see but YOU”.

Thanks alot for supporting me and keep reading and keep smiling.

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