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  1. Take us through the journey of writing your book.

Answer: In today’s world full of cyber frauds happening daily, it is high time for all of us to take cautious steps to prevent falling preys to the cyber criminals. As a cyber security expert, I feel it to be my ethical responsibility to help common people (who are avid technology users) to be aware of the flip side of smartphones, wifi, Bluetooth, auto cars, internet, online banking, multimedia messages floated across social media sites etc and how dangerous they could be to you and your family! Also, I shared my simple common sense type security tips in the book to help them proactively spot cyber attacks and how to prevent them without taking financial & technological burdens.

I was honoured when my effort was appreciated by Retd Judge of Bangalore High Court Mr. Gautam Ray and Senior Advocate of Kolkata High Court Mr. Biman Saha at the New Town Book Fair 2018. I was also invited to host a cyber security talk show on this topic where my book was also formally launched.


2.Tell us something about your book.

Answer: Cyber Security at your Finger Tips’ is arguably India’s first security handbook with no technical jargons, perfectly catering to the growing needs of any ordinary technology user. It offers a bag of handy, jargon free, easy to follow security tips from cyber security expert Reetwika Banerjee, to educate any common person who is a regular user of various top notch cyber technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, internet, social media, smartphones, laptops, PDAs, automatic cars, telebanking, multimedia, ATMs, 4G SIM and other modern technologies, gadgets and gizmos.

Nevertheless, as the expert says, all tips will go meaningless if users don’t own their acts in the cyber world. So, the author advises to choose only a handful of security measures suggested in this book and follow them diligently to enjoy a safe cyber life.


3.It’s a saying that writers are another creators. Do you agree with it?

Answer: Yes certainly, no doubt about it. Science follows science fiction, not the reverse.

4.Your inspiration besides your family?

Answer: My teachers

5.Tell us something about yourself.

Answer: Reetwika Banerjee is a professional Cyber Security Expert with more than ten years’ expertise in the domain, presently associated with a North American media giant as their Enterprise Data Privacy Consultant. Her principal role is to advocate their senior management on hi-tech cyber security threats and how to prevent confidential data leakages out of their organization’s network. She holds engineering and international management degrees in Information System & Security and aims to be the face of women in security.

During leisure hours, Reetwika enjoys social journalism for Different Truths, writing fiction, travel blogs and films in English, Hindi and Bengali languages. Her most cherished hobbies include recitation, quizzing and fine arts.


Reetwika’s Awards:-


Reetwika’s fiction desk comprises of five solo books which have won her five World and National records and multiple awards.Reetwika is also an award winning author cum film writer. She has received the following three international awards for her literary works in 2017 & 2018:-

  1. ‘Author of the Year 2017-18’ by The Indian AwazTM (India)
  2. ‘100 Inspiring Authors of 2018” by The Indian AwazTM (India)
  3. ‘Global Author of the Year 2018’ by © Power is You (USA)
  4. ‘National Book Honour Award 2018’ for Enta Habibi book under Relationships category (India)

Reetwika’s Bibliography: –

  1. ‘Fantastic 40’ (collection of 40 micro stories)
  2. ‘Zenova 20’ (assortment of 20 short stories)
  3. ‘Bhanga Moner Dinga’ (set of 50 Bengali poems)
  4. ‘Cuddle & Clash’ (bag of 25 feather-touch stories).
  5. ‘Enta Habibi’ (mix of 5 romantic novellas)
  6. ‘Cyber Security at Your Finger Tips’ (non-tech handbook about cybercrimes and its prevention)


Reetwika’s National & World Records:-


She has also been awarded 2 World records and 3 National records for devising three innovative concepts in Modern Literature in three successive years in three different books.

  1. Micro Story concept in her book ‘Fantastic 40’
  2. Coining ‘Zenova’ word in English dictionary in her book ‘Zenova 20’
  3. Proposing Love Palette Connection Theory in her book ‘Enta Habibi’


Reetwika’s IMDb Filmography (international award winners): –

  1. Adhura
  2. Hello Mamma
  3. Ittefaq Se
  4. Menopause
  5. Freedom


6. By holding your own book is a special feelings always. For you, how was that feeling?

Answer:Cyber Security at your Finger Tips’ is my 6th published book, but irrespective of the count, the feeling of holding own book is always special. Since this was my first non fiction book (previous ones were short story collections), it was a mixed bag of feelings – a pinch of anxiety as how will my readers accept me as a nonfiction writer but equally I was confident as cyber security counseling is what I am as a professional.

7.Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?

Answer: Anton Chekov (short story collections)

8.Share some memories (good and bad both) of your reader’s response.

Answer: When my first book “Fantastic 40” (India’s first collection of micro stories), was published way back in 2014, I had received significant criticism from some of the senior readers (or should I say reviewers) who did not like the idea of my free flowing narration style and ultra short storylines. They are perhaps yet to come out of the centuries old traditional old English kind mind set. I still remember one of them even refused to post a review my book saying after reading it, “I don’t want to write a negative review since this is your first book, but frankly speaking the book does not qualify as a English work of literature. It’s full of incomplete sentences and grammatically incorrect speeches. And the stories are soooo small to qualify as a short story.”

But that did not stop me from requesting reviews from other reviewers. Slowly with time, the younger readers started accepting my “broken English kind narration style” and eventually I have been bestowed with prestigious National and World records for inventing a new concept of micro story in Modern Literature. And thereafter, there was no looking back! Today I am a proud winner of more than 15 international literary and film awards.

9.What are your other hobbies?

Answer: Travelling and photography

10.What is your next plan of writing?

Answer: Writing a book on travel fiction. Planned release in Kolkata International Book Fair 2019

11.Do you ever feel like writing is tough?

Answer: No it acts like a stress buster for me always. I write not because I have to write. I write because I want to write. 

                                                                                                                                                         12When did you first realize that language has some power to bind hearts?

Answer: Ever since I started reading story books in my childhood.

I started writing since a very young age, I still remember it was my Kindergarten days when my school held a story writing competition for the elderly folks. But I was so excited to participate, my class teacher allowed me to accept my story. Believe me, I did no cheating by getting it written by parents. And my teacher and Principal were taken aback at my imaginary skills perhaps and awarded me a special prize. That day I realized the power of language.

13. Which genre you prefer the most for writing?

Answer: Fiction and Travel

14.What challenges did you face while writing and getting published ?

Answer: Getting published traditionally is still perhaps the toughest battle to win so far. But thanks to self publishing forums, I am not being choked to express and publish myself.

15.Few words for your lovely readers?

Answer: Whatsoever goes wrong in life, never stop expressing yourself. Your pen will say for you today or later.

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