Mere Khayaal by Dr.Manisha Yadava

About Book :-

Poems and Shayaris in this book express the turmoils taking place in the author’s mind which have surfaced due to the conditions arising around her. It expresses the feeling the author has towards different events taking place in her life and all around. Many women will be able to relate this book.

About Cover :-

Cover of this book is beautifully designed as the content of this book and title suggests about this book. Cover is attractive and really it attracts readers towards it.

About title :-

Title perfectly suits the content of book . It’s amazing and it attracts readers to read it a lot.

Review :-

Mere khayaal by Dr.Manisha Yadav has an amazing collection of poems. Reading this book was nice experience for me. The poems are mesmerizing and it certainly appeal to all ages readers . It makes you feel loved , just by reading it. Every page turning increases curiosity to read it. This book contains poems on various topics and contents which is vary from friendship, love, family, freedom, life and death. Language is simple and lucid and it is easy to read for all. Poetess has amazing skill to put her emotions into words which not only touches readers soul but also makes reading this book an interesting and entertaining read. I recommend it to everyone. Must read it once.

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