Rubayata Umeed


1.Take us through the journey of writing your book.

 Answer: Before writing story I wrote poems. Then I thought to write a story because I couldn’t find ideas for poems. I began to write just for fun. Then I turned to some kind of idea in my mind.

  That’s where I wrote my first book . I wrote it without thinking it would get published. It’s when my mother liked it and decided to publish my work. So that’s all when Wizard X Beasts came out.


2.Tell us something about your book. 

      Answer: I prefer writing something which is either supernatural or un-natural . I had an idea in my mind and it was about an imaginary galaxy known as Debris which has two states, one of Wizards

     and another of Beasts. Both at first had two different rulers but later came under one ruler Queen. The Queen is selfish and proud of her beauty so once when a witch curses her and takes away her beauty,

    she fears her first child to be ugly and orders her commander to kill her baby. Later she has a beautiful girl child and is forced to keep her because of her beauty. After she realizes that her child is blind and cannot rule

   she  asks her commander to lend her his child. However the child is not able to rule and the Queen repents for her doings. And the God does forgive her.


  1. It’s a saying that writers are another creators. Do you agree with it?

Answer: Yes, I agree that writers are another creators.


4.Your inspiration besides your family?

Answer: Whenever I watch a movie or an anime show I feel like thinking an idea a little similar to its theme, so my first book got inspired by two different anime shows, one Dance with Devils and the other Air. When I would

play with my cousins my mother would say that  whatever you are playing write it down, so may be a little inspiration came from there too. Nature and surroundings are indeed my big inspirations.


5.Tell us something about yourself.

   Answer: I am just a student. I recently entered my 10th class and when I wrote my first book I was in 9th standard. I love nature and I hate pollution, deforestation etc.

 My favorite country is Japan. I like their lifestyle, technology and a lot. It’s just that their some part of the lifestyle resembles my place.   


6.By holding your own book is a special feeling always. For you, how was that feeling?

Answer: I couldn’t understand whether it was a dream or reality because I never thought  I’ll be holding my own written  book ever in my life.


7.Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?

Answer: I haven’t read very much books so I yet have no favorite author or favorite book. But I like one manga comic namely Death Note written by Tsugumi Ohba illustrated by Takeshi Obata.

8.Share some memories (good and bad both) of your reader’s response.

   Answer: I got a lot of reader’s response, some good, some bad. Good ones always were like about my story theme and how I wrote a book in a young age. Some bad ones were about my mistakes like spelling or grammar.

9.What are your other hobbies?

Answer: My other hobbies are drawing, reading, playing my favorite games like kabbadi, cycling, chess and some role playing with my cousins.

10.What is your next plan of writing?

Answer: My next plan of writing is undergoing publishing and might release on my birthday,  January 21st , 2019. The story this time is inspirational story  and you are going to love it.


11.Do you ever feel like writing is tough?

     Answer: No, for me writing is something which helps me forget this stressful world. While writing I feel I am in a different world and everything around me just disappears. While writing I myself don’t know what will happen next and

I feel like watching a movie or something.


12.When did you first realize that language has some power to bind hearts?

Answer: When my first book got published and I got connected to a lot of people that’s when I realized that  the language has power to bind hearts.


13.Which genre you prefer the most for writing?

Answer: I prefer fiction more. I might write a nonfiction but my preference is more to fiction than nonfiction.


14.What challenges did you face while writing and getting published ?

Answer: I didn’t face any major challenge while writing and getting the work published. My mother was a big support.


15.Few words for your lovely readers?

      Answer: Your appreciation and encouragement boosts my writing. Thanks for spending your precious time in  reading my work.

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