Saraswati by Shivangi Purohit

Review :- Saraswati by Shivangi Purohit book is totally dedicated to the women . As the title suggests Saraswati , whole story also revolves around Saraswati. And saraswati is the lead character of this story. After the murder of saraswati Rana is in the jail and he has life ling punishment for this. In the sitting Dayanand silently checks the picture of (saru) saraswati . He is moving his hand on her picture with his wet eyes.Apart from this Now Nandini also grown up and she is living with her mother. When she come to Pitampur she plays with Dayachand and she hears story about Saraswati from Gauri. She is very interested in hearing story about saraswati. But she is unaware of the fact that she is hearing story about a woman is no other than her mother. Saraswati is immortal and she lives in heart of everyone . Story is very interesting with full blend of love, pain, agony. Though in the last part it is very emotional but it tells about the reality of our society. I recommend this story to everyone who doesn’t know how to respect women.Ratings :-Cover :- 4/5Title :- 5/5Blurb :- 4/5Content :- 5/5Overall :- 4/5

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