Seduction By Truth by Mukul Kumar

About the book :- Shiva is handsome, an irresistible talker, well-off, lives in Delhi’s Poshest suburb, is a dutiful husband to the attractive Akriti and is a perfect father to their little son. So why is he the picture of disenchantment?Is it that no so uncommon human condition- boredom that sometimes accompanies fidelty- that haunts him? In shiva’s case, the discovery that Akriti has already found distraction with someone else frees him to look for excitement on his own but with a mind conflicted between Dharma and desire. Which is the path that he will choose to walk on?Shiva embarks on a journey to empirically explorer different options- the sexually vikrant Sana and Mary, to name a few but at the end , winds up with more questions.Then he started out with. To confuse things fir thee, Akriti continues to occupy a tender place in his heart as a woman first and a wife later.A slice of -life-tale, which is part reality and part legend, Dedication by Truth dares the modern reader to solve civilization’s oldest puzzle marriage.Review :-Seduction by Truth by Mukul kumar is a story whose title and cover page can’t tell you its story. For this you have to thoroughly read it. But when you complete it then know about this story. But title and cover page is according to the plot. The title and cover page complement with each other. Narration of story is good with awesome characters. It depicts human nature regarding love, lust and how man percieves life.Language is simple and lucid and anyone can read it. Story tells about life’s reality which makes it more enticing.Author has put philosphical reasons to justify Shiva’s action which can be understood only if given time to read properly. The author has depthly proved that a sensitive topic of adultery by writing this book. With some twists and turns in it story is quite interesting.

Ratings :-.

Cover :- 5/5.

Title :- 5/5.

Blurb :-5/5.

Contents :- 4/5.

Overall :- 4.75/5

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