Singing Soul by Shalini Samuel

About the book :-

The book you are holding is a garland of well crafted evocative poems, sensibly hand-picked . Each soul visiting the planet earth goes through unique experiences and discovers the worldly life with its myriad hues. Our thoughts, society and mother nature, all play varied roles in offering the glimpses of classy life and cosmic melodrama. From that dramatic platform singing soul exquisitely picks vivacious moments for you. All the poems are profound in thought and worded in thought provoking styles.

Review :-

Singing soul by Shalini Samuel is a collection of poems. Author has weaved emotions into the words in a relatable manner that happens in everyone’s life. Collection of words and writing language is simple though the words give it’s feelings are lovely. It’s a type of book which helps you to explore your feelings by looking deep into your heart by floating in the emotions of words. Nice book and must read .Cover page is good but it must be attractive. Language is simple and lucid. Though it’s a good effort by the author.

Ratings :-

Cover :- 4/5

Title :- 4/5

Blurb :- 4/5

Contents :- 4/5

Overall :- 4/5

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