Some 14 odd years by Ruchira Banerjee

About Book :- Ronkini , a literature student from kolkata and Sushant , an engineering student from Bhuvaneshvar met for the first time in NIIT, Bhubaneswar. They both were pursuing a course in computer called swift. Their meeting was brief. But the short and casual meeting turned into a goodand beautiful friendship later.

Thinking went back to kolkata after completing her computer course. But their connection wad on despite the distance relationship. They used to mail each other. Ronkini and Sushant also started meeting despite their distance. This kind of meetings and numerous mails continued for seven long years . Then, suddenly Sushant invited Ronkini for his marriage and she was baffled . Ronkini congratulated Sushant for his marriage and broke all ties with him. One fine day , after few years, Sushant came back in Ronkini’s life and she too accepted his return. But why she accepted his return ? What happens next is beyond anyone’s imagination.

Review :- This book is about fragile love or intense relationship . This story rotates between Ronkini and Sushant . Both present in a long distance but both fall in love. Both sent letter to each other. These things were going till 7 years but suddenly one day he told her about his marriage. She felt annoyed after this and after congratulated him she broke all ties with him . But again they met with each other and she accepted her return. Both came in physical relationship . But again he broke his relationship with Ronkini just like in the college days Arpan did with her. This story tells about the reality of men that he is married though he has committed in a relationship with her. She also betrayed with her wife as well as with her best female friend. Narration of story goes well. Language is simple and lucid. Story comes under the best romance novel with 14 years odd relationship ends in this way.

Ratings :-

Cover :- 3/5

Title :- 4/5

Blurb :- 4/5

Content :- 4/5

Overall :- 4/5

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