The Fortunate Love by Bijaya Kumar Nayak

About the book :-

It’s the time to approach Mrs. Adyasha. Bhaswan doesn’t want to listen about her past. Whatever Adyasha did, she based on her circumstances. She also loved Bhaswan unconditionally during their college time. But their distance relationship compelled to be separated from each other. Being a girl, she had to depend upon others from many reasons. As a result, she fell in love with another guy and got married also. Now, she is not satisfied in married life as her husband has extra marital affairs with office assistant. Bhaswan is still unmarried to fulfill his dream. But, he has trust on his love.

Will they find their heart desires ?

Will true love win against all odds?

Will their dreams come true?

Read the Fortunate Love to find out .

Review :-

The Fortunate Love by Bijaya Kumar Nayak is a book of love story. It’s title is amazing and you can better understand about this story through its blurb as well as with it’s title. Because blurb and title is the backbone of any book. And author has really did it. It’s a story of Adyasha and Bhaswan. Characters are awesome. Story plot is excellent with some minor grammatical mistakes. But I liked it. Sometimes I got bored in reading some books but it’s an intersection read and I enjoyed a lot. And the best part of this story I liked most is that it tells about a social issues which happens in our society. Extra marital affairs are good reason to uproot a good family relationship. Author has beautifully narrated about it as well as about the condition of Adyasha due to her husband’s affair. Yes I can say that circumstances changes everything and it also happened with Adyasha though she loved Bhaswan unconditionally but she had to marry with another guy. As she lost trust of another guy so she also betrayed by her husband. Language of this story is simple and lucid. Interesting story for all romance lovers , I can say that because I read it.

Ratings :-

Cover :- 4/5

Title :- 5/5

Blurb :- 5/5

Story Plot :- 4/5

Overall :- 4/5

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