Vansh Arora

1.Take us through the journey of writing your book.

Answer: Well, writing a book was an experience that I would like to deem as absolutely unprecedented in my view. The beginning wasn’t exactly wrapped up in hope. It was more of last option at my disposal and not having any other road to consider, I kick-started my journey to become an author. The road I took offered me that perfect blend of ups and downs. My struggles were born from the fact that the road was outright unfamiliar and there was no one to guide me. Don’t take me wrong, I have been a writer since my childhood days, but writing a book is a different thing altogether. Furthermore, I am a born introvert so it was kind of tough for me to handle that one dreadful part which is extremely important if you wish to weave some success for your book. Yes, I am talking about networking. Lack of proper skills and expertise in that specific area rolled out several batches of difficulties in my path to set-up an ideal platform for my book. Nevertheless, I would like to acknowledge the positive spells as well. During the aforementioned spells, my confidence in my writing skills would overpower any sort of doubts lurking in the boulevards of my mind. While the days exuding a sense of optimism certainly helped, I don’t really regret making the choices which sometimes did the work of stirring up problems in my life. In fact, the gloomy days instilled that resilience in my attitude which promises to push me through every hardship I’ll face in the future. To sum it up, it would be fair to say that everything that I had to bear to reach where I’m today, it was all worth it.

2.Tell us something about your book.

Answer: The idea behind my book ‘My Love is Away from Mortality” was to bridge the gap between substance and the readers who were still in the process of unveiling their reading bug. As we all know, in our country a particular genre has witnessed tremendous growth, but that happened on the expense of other categories. Genres like mystery, thrillers, and dystopia etc are still yet to completely flourish in our nation. Having said that, the growing number of books published in romance genre is consistently showing signs of stifling the most important thing in our industry, the creativity. Needless to say, serving the new readers with books that lack ingenuity isn’t the best way to help them in unveiling that bookworm, hence I made my humble attempt to introduce a sense of freshness without asking them to expedite their transition to more than a certain extent.

3.It’s a saying that writers are another creators. Do you agree with it?

Answer: Absolutely! A writer possesses the power to create a world never explored before, to weave characters who act as a mirror of our own personalities to help us fall in love with our imperfections, to knit the magic that cheers up the heartbroken and bewitches the one living under murky clouds. A writer should be indeed recognized as a creator.

4.Your inspiration besides your family?

Answer: As someone who likes to spare a slot for sports regardless of how worked up he is after slogging for the whole day, I discovered my inspiration there as well. I’m a massive fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. His attitude and determination to stay at the top is something I really admire. In a way, I try to emulate how he reacts on the field and how he remains unaffected by the criticism tossed at him from every direction.

5.Tell us something about yourself.

Answer: I am the kind of a guy who likes to keep things simple. You won’t see me at the parties; in fact, odds aren’t great that you’ll see me roaming around in a public place. I prefer to stay in my room and write. When not writing, I try to unwind by gaming a little. At the moment, I’m pursuing higher studies in the field of Psychology. Apart from that, I’m working towards the growth of my NGO named “Redrafting Humanity”.

6.By holding your own book is a special feelings always. For you, how was that feeling?

Answer: Even though I have this concrete fellowship with words, I can’t describe that feeling with sheer precision. The kind of warmth that dripped into me as soon as my hands touched the cover jacket was way more intense than anything I had experienced before. The felicity that arrived later embraced me and every demon lurking near my soul went far way for a while. It was pure magic!

7.Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?

Answer: Well, that’s the question I try to avoid. I love so many authors that it’s nearly impossible for me to pick one. I adore the works of Salman Rushdie, Stephen King, Sidney Sheldon, James Patterson etc.

8.Share some memories (good and bad both) of your reader’s response.

Answer: The good one was when the readers deciphered my intention behind writing this book and acknowledged my efforts to bring something new on the table. One of the reviews also called it as an “Immortal Story” and that was a huge compliment in my perspective. It had me smiling constantly like a madcap for two whole days.

Well, the bad one was when someone said the story could have been presented in a better way. I agree there is always room for improvement, but considering the quantum of effort I poured in to writing it, it was a bit sad.

9.What are your other hobbies?

Answer: I like to read, play games, dig into some revolutionary events that occurred in the history to get a better understanding of how our current generation was set-up, and what might be in store.

10.What is your next plan of writing?

Answer: Currently, the sequel of my debut book is in the pipeline. It’s due to release this year. I don’t know what will happen after that. I do have some plot idea but as of now nothing is concrete apart from the sequel.

11.Do you ever feel like writing is tough?

Answer: No! Instead, I would it call it therapeutic. Nothing illuminates my life like writing. If there is a life without words, I won’t hesitate to pick death over it.

12.When did you first realize that language has some power to bind hearts?

Answer: I gradually discovered it as a reader. You can’t ignore the kind of influence a book can have on your life, and that’s why a writer is bestowed with great responsibility. If a reader opens the pathway for you to his/her heart, you better make a positive impact.

13.Which genre you prefer the most for writing?

Answer: Horror, dystopia and thriller are radiating the impression to become the categories I would like to dig into more often in future.

14.What challenges did you face while writing and getting published?

Answer: Lack of experience in both unsettled me on a few occasions. In the beginning, I wasn’t very methodical with my writing. I used to prefer going with the flow, however some experiences enlightened me over the importance of roping in a certain method to make things more organized. Fortunately, I realized it just in time.

Publishing presented me with whole new set of challenges. However, here after some initial struggle I was lucky to finally meet a guiding light. Tackling the complexities of our publishing industry with constant support from my family and that guiding light, I was able to fulfill my dream of putting my book out there.

15.Few words for your lovely readers?

Answer: I just want to say that in the pursuit to accomplish your reading goals don’t forget to savour the experience of an alternate world where you are allowed but your miseries are not!

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