Whispers of the soul by Jyoti Patel

Whispers of the soul by Jyoti Patel is a collection of poetry and prose about life. This book contains poems on various titles such as experience of abuse , loss and death. This book contains 50 poems which serves different purpose in life. From all the above poems I liked ‘I want to fly’, ‘From dawn to dusk’ , ‘Mystery and the history’s and ‘in case if you forget’. There are some poems which deals with the love , some poems which deals with the immense pain .This book has beautifully written by the authoress to explore the words that are free flowing and musical with rhyming . All poems has power to generate emotions inside the heart as well as with ideas.

The way of writing and expression of words is wonderful. ‘The Surge of imagination’ is a poem inside this book touched my heart. But overall poem is good with feelings of words.

Cover page and title of the poem is also good which totally relates with the poem but I think cover page should be more attractive. I recommend this book to all . Must read it once

Rating :-

Cover :- 4/5. Title :- 5/5. Content :- 4/5. Overall :- 4/5

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