Wizards X Beasts by Rubayata Umeed

About the book :-

A queen in search of her beauty ends up being exposed to certain shocking revelations- a rollercoaster of plot twists and turns, follow the story of how the Queen finally ends up finding out more than what she set out for !

Review :-

Wizards X Beasts by Rubayata Umeed a teenage author. It’s a fantasy story. But first of all I want to appreciate her for this book as well as for her imagination power that in this age she wrote a fantasy book. Cover of this book is nice with highlighted font and style. All the characters are plotted with her intelligence and imagination. Language is good.Narration is also well with fantastic plot. The story is about two empires where one belonged to the Wizards and the other to the beasts and from both this title suggests Wizards X Beasts. Dialogues of the story are wonderful. Lastly I can say that work done by the author is worth praising.

Ratings :-

Cover :- 5/5

Title :- 5/5

Blurb:- 4/5

Contents :- 5/5

Overall :- 4.75/5

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