Women Around Us by Hanadi Falki

About Book :- Have you ever paused to appreciate the women around you ? Your friend , sister, daughter, aunt, grandmother or even your boss, the maid , the receptionist or the tutor ? Have you ever wondered about the story behind those determined eyes and smiling faces ?These are women of indomitable will. They are soft, yet powerful. Tender, yet fierce. They fell , and then rose up stronger because they were warriors , not victims of social injustice. They refused to back down and suffer silently. They refused to lie damaged and scarred for life. They can survive through the worst and emerge stronger than ever before. Their determination to live with dignity gives hope to those who are still struggling.This book is a tribute to such women.Review :- Women Around Us by Hanadi Falki is a collection of different short stories totally related with women present in our society. This book contains 7 short stories which tells about conditions of women in our society and how they handle and tackle all these worst situation in their life easily. Narration of story is good. Language is simple and lucid. A must read book for all those people who doesn’t know the value of women in our society , what’s her problem and even in that case they survive. This book is totally based on tribute to such women.Ratings :-Cover :- 4/5Title :- 5/5Blurb :- 5/5Contents :- 4/5Overall :- 4/5

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